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Karen Rivera is a visual communication specialist who works with the various languages of art and tech in modern media.


What does this mean? Well, for example, it means I know how to ask a web developer to make visual changes to your page. Though I prefer not to code, I know HTML and Java, and use work platforms like GitHub and Slack. I can explain the difference between CMYK, RGB, and Pantone colors. I know fair market prices for digital goods and services, communicating with vendors for live trade shows, virtual award shows, and social geofilters. I implement research-based methods for correcting UX, UI and SEO. Finding these solutions can be complex, and draw on multiple types of artistic professionals for resolution and production. And that can be intimidating for a person or business that's just starting out and introducing their ideas into the world. But that's okay! Now you have me to help guide your thought process and steer the creative parts of your vision into reality. 


My career started in illustration and print design, then I became a tv broadcast designer and taught myself the basics of web design. After that, I pivoted to design for eCommerce visionaries, UX/UI and mobile weblarge-scale branding, and work in the non-profit and private sectors building visual libraries for proprietary software and families of apps... plus I've won some fancy industry awards for my clients along the way. The past five years have been concentrated on my partnership in the development of a brick and mortar business that continues to grow year over year.  Not only do I believe in setting up my clients for success, I teach them the methods behind my madness so that they can gain confidence and control moving forward. My job is multi-facetted – I create, facilitate, populate, update, and educate.

Check out my CV here.

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I work with iconic brands, start-ups, global leaders, and community builders to raise interest, draw funding, measure results, and create connections with your employee base and customers alike. See my favorite case studies above to get a deeper glimpse at how I translate beauty using art, data, and research-based design strategies to develop and increase momentum for your project, cause, or business.

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