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This well-established company sought to update their brand identity and implement a major change in their web presence. Remaining true to their well-recognized style, we found just the right mix of reliability and access to legendary customer service.

• Bold text nestled into its environment

• Zoom on hover to draw users in

• Multi-actionable sticky footer bar


More About Airmatic

When Airmatic was ready to refresh their brand and convert their support and sales offerings to operate in a digital space, I worked with a team of developers to establish the right look and feel. The client wanted to update their look, but still be recognizable to their large, loyal customer base. They also wanted the new website and e-commerce platform to be simple and workable for the community they'd been building for more than 75 years. 

Offering tens of thousands of products and services across 28 industries, Airmatic needed to push accessibility and ease to the forefront. With this in mind, I designed a robust layout that includes easy to follow navigation, clear active states, click-to-call for better customer service, and quote request panels at the ready throughout the site. Airmatic is now ready for smooth operation into the next generation and beyond.

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