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This leader in supply chain compliance was ready for expansion on a global scale. Across three continents and multiple industries, I formulated a look that spoke to executives, contractors, and customers alike. Rebranded in a palette of teal and gold, BROWZ was able to take on the world and catch the acquiring eye of their largest competitor.

• Global rebrand for web and print

• Family of mobile apps

• ROI calculator

• Proprietary software UI

• Award winning design


More About BROWZ

The BROWZ rebranding effort was one of my first major challenges in 2014. BROWZ was already a global leader in supply chain management, contractor compliance, and social responsibility. Still, they wanted to boost their image with a new look that would really hit the gas pedal on their efforts to attract more attention, gain trust, and be relatable to all levels of associates across three continents. I was fortunate to work with a great team of creatives and developers on everything from the BROWZ website and family of apps to trade show materials and UX & UI design for their proprietary software. 
I think BROWZ was unique in that, with a female CEO at the helm, all of its leaders were truly ambitious about creating a new, exciting, and endearingly useful family of digital products. They were also very specific about what they wanted in a rebranding: colors that clearly separate them from the competition, and that also hold real meaning in regard to executives and contractors alike. The colors also had to be relatable on a global scale, and portray steady emotion no matter where on the planet they were being seen. This palette in teal and gold hit the mark, and in 2019 BROWZ was acquired by their largest competitor. 

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