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Jersey College

School of Nursing

Using #NurseLife as a springboard, a robust presence was created for Jersey College to share their mission. From website and digital ads to direct mail and outdoor billboards, I helped this leader in nursing education hit all the notes that matter.

• Highlight "nursing as a calling"

• Use SEO to improve performance and increase enrollment

• Focus on diversity


More About Jersey College

When I began working with Jersey College School of Nursing, the primary focus was on trade show materials and direct mail marketing to draw attention and attract prospective students for their five campuses (two in New Jersey and three in Florida). They had recently begun using QR codes to help measure the effectiveness of their advertising, but still wanted to do more. By employing SEO experts and following their advice, we were able to reorganize and enhance their existing website to better serve the college, gain better insight, and ultimately increase enrollment and create a surplus of applicants.

Alongside website and direct mail improvements, I served the college with original concepts and artwork for their "Be Someone" campaign. Digital & printed ads, analog & digital billboards, campus signage, email templates, and gift for faculty and students (think cups, cell phone cases and jeweled enamel pins) also bolstered the school's image and helped create traffic. All in all, as a team, we brought Jersey College School of Nursing to the forefront and they have now expanded to include 16 campuses in six U.S. states with remote learning capabilities.

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