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A fun mobile app created as a holiday treat. Game concept, design, enamel pins, and mailers were created for a select group of clients to enjoy. 

• Original mobile game concept

• Character and environment design

• Custom enamel pins

• Launched in App Store and Google Play


More About FrostyBop!

When it came time to present clients with a little holiday surprise, FrostyBop! was born. I envisioned a wintery, whack-a-mole style mobile game featuring five characters, three boards to pass, and adjustable level of difficulty. In addition to bopping characters, players encountered gifts with bonus points, a time-slowing stopwatch, whimsical distractions, and game-ending time bombs.

Announcing FrostyBop!'s arrival presented a challenge--I wanted to develop a unique bit of swag that would entertain and last beyond the season. It was also important to have a limited-edition item that could be delivered as a collection, to mirror the various personalities of the game characters. With a set of three enamel pins featuring favorite friends from the game, a cardstock backer was designed and the set was sent as a gift to 100 clients. After creating graphics packages and gaining approval for App Store and Google Play, I was happy to see FrostyBop! launched for Apple and Android players to share and enjoy.

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